Test Drive: Osheaga Mobile App

posted by Maressa Levy on July 30, 2013

Montréal, Canada -- There are just a few days left until the start of Osheaga, so we took their mobile app for a spin to familiarize ourselves with the fest before heading to Montréal. The app is now available for download on iPhone and Android devices, and provides festivalgoers with a comprehensive layout of the festival grounds as well as schedule, artist list, and event information, all while Osheaga Radio plays in the background.

We've deconstructed the app into four sections - Schedule, Events, Multimedia, and Map - to help you plan your weekend and navigate your way around Parc Jean-Drapeau, so read on for tips on utilizing the app both before and during Osheaga.


Osheaga's scheduler allows users to view daily lineups in list view by day, or opt to use the timetable view and see the lineup sorted by day and stage. Click on any stage to take a closer look at stage-specific lineups, which are gridded by time and day. During the festival, the "NOW" tab in the upper left hand corner will allow users to see which acts are currently on stage or next up. While the scheduler does include many viewing options, there isn't a method that allows the user to view overlapping sets, which is essential for planning food, beer, and bathroom breaks. Be sure to budget your time accordingly, taking travel time into consideration - there is nothing worse than missing an act you've been dying to see because you got stuck weaving your way through the crowd.

From both the scheduler and the app's "Artists" screen, you can click on each act to view their performance time, place, and date, as well as a short description and links to their official website, Facebook page, Twitter, and YouTube channel. Each site is hosted from within the app, so you won't have to switch back and forth between the app and the Internet. Add artists to your "Favourites" page for easy access later, or share their info with your social networks via Facebook or Twitter.


In addition to listing all of Osheaga's pre and afterparties, the apps' "Events" screen lets users purchase tickets to each party from your mobile device. Click on each event to be taken to a screen that displays the date, time, venue, and ticket price of the show - you can even use the map icon on the screen to view each venue's location. Click on the shopping cart icon in the lower right hand corner to be taken directly to the ticket purchase page, and add the artists to your Favourites list to keep your afterparties sorted. The Events screen also allows you to access each artist's website and social networks, and like the scheduler, lets you share the act through Facebook, Twitter, and email.


Use the Multimedia section of the app to scroll through hundreds of photos from past Osheaga events. See shots from festival mascots Oshee and Aga's Block Party earlier this year, take a look at the final products from the festival's t-shirt design contest, and see what Oshee and Aga got into at this year's Coachella. There are crowd shots as well as artist shots, so if you were at a previous edition of the fest, find yourself! The multimedia section will also host videos, although there is only one uploaded so far. While the video isn't currently playable on mobile devices, you can head to OsheagaTV to view interviews and see coverage from years prior.


Use the festival's "Maps" page to view both the venue map as well as a map of the festival grounds. Click on a stage to see which artists will be playing there and when, and get a bird's eye view of the festival site. Scope out where the nearest beer tent, food vendor, H&M (yes, there are more than one on-site), bathroom, merch stand, water refill station, charging stations, and ATM are so you can route your days easily. For non-French speakers, the map's key has English translations so you can easily ask for help should you get lost or separated from your group. The map also identifies parking lots and Metro stations, so you can easily find your way back to your car or hotel.

While the venue map isn't quite ready, it does mark their locations and will display information about each venue as the festival approaches. In the meantime, use it to plot your route from your hotel to the festival site and surrounding venues.

If you're headed to Osheaga next weekend, check out our Osheaga 2013 Festival Guide, full of recommendations for where to eat, sleep, shop, party, and explore near the festival site.

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