The Best Costumes at The BUKU Project Day One

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 22, 2014

  • Photos by Marjana Jaidi

    New Orleans, Louisiana -- Costumes are nothing new at festivals. These events are spaces where attendees can feel free to experiment and express their inner selves - even if those inner selves are giant mouse heads or neon-clad. 

    Festivalgoers on the first day of The BUKU Music + Art Project, however, took the costume game to a new high. We found a new inspirational costume to snap a photo of at every corner.

    Scroll through for a few of Friday's best ensembles and take some outfit inspiration before heading into BUKU today. 

  • Onesies were a huge costume trend Friday at BUKU.

  • As were custom mouse heads made by this Deadmau5-inspired craftsman.

  • Tigger and Adventure Time in the house!

  • No Mario and Luigi costume is complete without the Rainbow Road.

  • Now that's what we call patriotism!

  • This guy took the animal ear and onesie trends to a new level.

  • War and Peace on the Mississippi River.

  • Did we mention onesies were a huge trend?

  • Neon - check! Tutus - check! Wigs - check!

  • These guys swam to BUKU...

  • Proving head pieces aren't needed for an animalistic costume… just some body paint and coordinated leopard print.

  • Leopard print goes well with Unicorn heads, too.

  • The banana suit. An oldie but a goodie.

  • Spoiler Alert: Those aren't his legs.