The Worst People to Stand Behind at a Music Festival

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 12, 2014

Photo by Lorelyn Medina

There is more to picking a good spot at a concert or festival than proximity to the stage or having a path to the bar. I'm not just talking about height here either - if you've been to any sold-out show or large-scale event before, you know that height differences can be adjusted for by staggering sight lines or showing up early to be up close. 

If provided with enough time to scope out a crowd situation, keep a watchful eye out for these seven types of attendees - and stand away from them at all costs. 

1. The PDA Couple

Photo by Aija Lehtonen
The whole stagger-heads-for-a-clear-sight-line strategy becomes a bit difficult when the two heads you're trying to see between are intertwined. 

2. The Girl on a Guy's Shoulders 

Photo by Axel Lauer
We get it, you're small enough for someone to carry you and cute enough that someone wants to. Now crowd surf or get down. 

3. The Instagram Video Fanatic 

Photo by Laura Baker-Finch 
We're all guilty of some degree of this. But when you're documenting every second of the show and watching it 'live' through your screen, you might as well have stayed home.

4. The Instagram Video Fanatic Who is Too Drunk to Put the Phone Down When Texting

Photo via Shutterstock
You know who I'm talking about. The guy who raises his phone to take a photo, only to keep said phone raised while texting and checking emails. 

5. The Hair-Flipper

Photo by Laura Baker-Finch
Unless your last name is Haim. You can totally stand in front of me and flip your hair if your last name is Haim. 

6. The Costume-Wearer 

Photo by Laura Baker-Finch
I understand festivals and concerts are a place for creativity and no dress code, but did you have to pick a costume with such a large circumference?

7. The Prop-Bearer

Photo by Laura Baker-Finch
If you need to have a prop, flag, or stick to keep your crew together, don't make it an inflatable kangaroo.

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