Video Game Turns Coachella Grounds into Virtual Playground

posted by Dan Murphy on April 25, 2014

Indio, California -- So you went to Coachella this year and you had a great time. You saw some awesome collaborations, braved a dust storm, and came out with a sense of joy and purpose. But now your post-festival depression is setting in. Will Nas ever take the stage again with Lauryn Hill or Jay Z? Will Chance The Rapper be out of commission this summer? Is Lorde still going to be this cool when she grows up? When will you ever see Outkast again (besides at the forty other festivals they're playing)? Why did Coachella have to end?!

If you're having the typical existential crisis that comes with the end of an awesome festival, we have a remedy. A website called VRation has created a virtual rendering of the 2014 Coachella festival grounds, complete with all the stages and the gigantic roaming astronaut which actually floats around. When you reach the front of a stage, you can click on a spinning cube to access pictures from past year's festivals. But don't try it on Google Chrome, you'll end up pulling your hair out (I'm significantly balder now). Head over to VRation or check out the video below to relive some Coachella 2014, it might hold you over until next April. 

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