What I Learned at FYF Fest 2013

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on August 29, 2013

Photo: FYF Fest 2013 by Laura Baker-Finch

Los Angeles, California -- As my first FYF Fest, and first festival in Los Angeles, I took a bit more away from the weekend than tan lines and new holes in my shoes. Scroll down for my new insights - into both the festival and life - then check out the weekend's top 10 moments.

1. FYF Fest stands for Fuck Yeah Fest Fest, not Fuck You Fest

What Kelley of The Breeders thought.

2. Don't pick your schedule based on stage names

FYF's four stages were named after the Sex & the City foursome but while you may think of yourself as a "Charlotte," I can't imagine her being a fan of No Age, despite their stage placement.

3. This is the proper way to define "21 & Over."

In a timeline, that is.

4. LA is super strict on IDs

Security won't care if you've been cleared by the ID check, re-checked into the beer garden, and don't even have a beer in hand - you'll probably still be accosted for a re-check.

5. Guards have a cooler grandma than you do

And they let everyone know it. (Photo via Guards' Instagram)

6. Founder Sean Carlson is loyal to local musicians and friends of FYF

No matter their band trajectory. Richie Follin had played the festival 6 times (not all with Guards) and No Age clocked in at a solid 7 out of 10 FYFs.

7. Banh Mi and Baroness is an ideal combination

And, no, Baroness is not the band's name because there is a female singer. More here.

8. Facetime is the new live stream

Yes, there is something more annoying than people taking photos with iPads. The trajectory has gone from cameras, to camera phones, to video phones, to iPads, and now.. to facetiming. It's the new live stream.

But at least this guy wasn't in attendance. (Photo via Reddit)

9. Wood chips < grass

Unfortunately, the former is what covers LA State Historic Park. It may not be as dusty as Coachella, but you're still likely to be covered in a light dusty film or begin turning a tissue black upon sneezing. Bring a bandana.

10. Use the secret menu at In N Out Burger

The perfect (West Coast) post-festival meal got even better during Joyce Manor's set as the best secret options were divulged during crowd sourcing. Watching your carbs? Order the Flying Dutchman. (Photo via Serious Eats)

11. You should always bring a spare amp

Also learned from Joyce Manor.

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