What is a Music Festival? IMFCON Insiders Share Their Definitions

posted by Marjana Jaidi on December 19, 2013

Austin, Texas -- One of the many great things about the International Music Festival Conference (IMFCON) is that it convenes the music festival community for three days of panels, events, and a trade show featuring several companies related to the industry.

I took advantage of this gathering of the festival minds to pick the brains of a few key industry insiders - Laurie Kirby, Executive Director of IMFCON, Philip Blaine, the man behind Coachella's art installations and founder of Philip Blaine Presents, Dave Margulies, Co-Producer of High Sierra Music Festival, Sean Ahearn, Director of Programming for Harmony Festival, Drew Burchfield, founder of Aloompa (the company behind your favorite festival mobile apps), Martina Wang, Senior Music Marketing Manager at Eventbrite, and Tucker Gumber, aka The Festival Guy.

When I asked our panel of insiders to define a music festival, answers ran the gamut from concrete characteristics to conceptual constructs. Check out the video below to hear their range of definitions.