What We Learned From DanceSafe and The Festival Lawyer's Reddit AMA

posted by Laura Baker-Finch on March 07, 2014

Photo via DanceSafe

Festivals offer an escape from everyday realities such as work, relationships, responsibilities, and even 'normal' dress codes. For years many have taken this escape a step further, adding drugs to enhance their liminal experiences.

These choices don't always end well (two festivalgoers tragically died at Electric Zoo last year), but there are more nuances to the situation than many like to admit. Sure, festivals can continue to add "drugs and illicit substances" to their Prohibited Items lists and 'respectable' members of society can berate music fans as drug fiends. But any festivalgoer knows there's much more to be said - and much better ways to deal with drug use at festivals. No one can snap their fingers to make drug culture disappear, not even just from music festivals. 

DanceSafe, Fest Heads, and The Festival Lawyer agree - so they took to Reddit this afternoon to answer any and all questions about harm reduction and knowing your rights at a music festival. Read on to find out what we learned and how you can have fun - yet safe - experiences at music festivals this season. 

1. Harm Reduction can be harmful to a festival, from an insurance standpoint 

2. The TSA VIPR teams don't need probable cause to detain you 

3. You can test for PMA in pills

4. The 4th Amendment applies differently to private security than cops

5. Laws on taping police differ by state

6. TomorrowWorld has great safety procedures 

7. DanceSafe has a lot going on in 2014

8. There are kits to test ecstasy vigorously 

9. Festivals are all about PLUR <3 

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