Coachella 2015

  • How do I get to and from Indio?

    If you're flying in, the closest airport to Coachella is the Palm Springs International Airport (PSP), which is about 20 miles away. Although this airport is the closest to the festival grounds, it's also the smallest, so depending on where you are coming from you may have to connect at a larger airport hub beforehand. Alternatively, you can fly into the LA area airports, which, although further away from the festival, may have cheaper flight options. Your best bets are the Ontario International Airport (ONT) (90 miles from Indio), the Los Angeles International Airport (LAX) (about 146 miles away), and the San Diego International Airport (SAN) (about 85 miles away.) Once you're at the airport you'll need to find your way into Indio on the ground.

    If you are driving to Coachella, check the festival's provided driving directions for your quickest route.

    If you prefer to travel by bus, you're in luck. There is a Greyhound bus stop in Indio. The Greyhound buses offer service to and from LA and Phoenix, and the bus stops 6 miles from the festival site. Once there, you can catch a ride or take a taxi to the festival grounds. 

    If you are traveling by train, Amtrak is your best bet. While there is no train station within Indio, there is a Palm Springs Train Station and a Amtrak Bus Stop in Indio. You can use the Amtrak Trip Planner to see which trains and thruway buses are best for you.

  • What area is the festival in? How do I get around?

    Coachella festival takes place in Indio, CA - part of the Coachella Valley in Southern California. The valley stretches 300 sq miles eastward from Palm Springs.

    The easiest way to get around Indio and its surrounding towns is by driving. There are car rental companies at the airports (the closest of which is the Palm Springs International Airport (PSP)) from which you can book even if you're not flying in. We highly recommend making reservations before arriving to be assured a car. Avis and Budget usually offer festivalgoers special discounts, valid from one week prior to the event to one week after the event.

    Coachella strongly recommends carpooling, which they affectionately refer to as Carpoolchella. Carpooling is a great way to bond with fellow festivalgoers before the event, and it's eco-friendly too. You can also checkout Zimride, a ridesharing tool that Coachella has encouraged festivalgoers to use in the past.

    To get around Indio or to and from your hotel you can also take a cab. The Drop off and Pick up point is Madison / 52. Here are some local cab companies servicing Coachella:

    American Cab: 760-322-4444
    Yellow Cab of the Desert: 760-340-TAXI (8294)
    Desert City Cab: 760-328-3000

    Coachella has also implemented the Any Line, Anytime Shuttle Pass. Festival attendees no longer need to choose a specific shuttle line when purchasing, as this shuttle pass allows riders the flexibility to board from any shuttle stop to and from the festival. Coachella strongly encourages festivalgoers to purchase their shuttle passes now, as their shuttle pass will be viable no matter the pick up and drop off points. Shuttles will run from 11am until one hour after the music ends each night. The last shuttles TO the festival grounds will depart at 8pm. Check back for more info on shuttle passes at a later date. 

  • What time does it start and end?

    This information isn't yet available for 2015, however for 2014, the opening and closing times for the campground differed from the festival ground itself. For both weekends, the campsite opened on Thursday at 9am and closed at noon the following Monday. Gates to the festival grounds opened each morning at 11am, and the music generally ended around midnight.

  • Is reentry allowed?

    Reentry is permitted between the campsite and the festival grounds throughout the weekend, but, if you leave the entire area (whether you are camping or not), you are not guaranteed reentry until the next day.

  • Are there any prohibited items?

    Prohibited within the festival grounds: Instruments, Weapons, Chains, Fireworks, Blankets, Outside Food & Beverages, Tents, Flags, Stuffed Animals, Sharpies, Drugs, Pets, Chairs, Camelpacks, Umbrellas, Water Guns, Oversized Backpacks, and any professional camera, video, or audio recording devices are not allowed at Coachella.

    Prohibited within the campgrounds: You cannot bring Wrapped/Sponsored Vehicles, Glass Containers, Weapons, Drugs, Animals, Open Flames, Tiki Torches, or Fireworks into the campsite.

  • What's the deal with food and beverages?

    Campgrounds: If you are camping you are encouraged to bring your own food and drinks, however you will not be permitted to bring personal food from your tent into the event (although you can bring factory-sealed plastic water bottles). If you're not willing to pack your own food or find that you're running low on essentials, head to the campsite's main food row to indulge in hot coffee, freshly-squeezed juices, breakfast burritos, and 24-hour pizza. The campgrounds also host a café, farmer's market, and breakfast buffet.

    Festival Site: The food options only get more plentiful inside the festival grounds, where there will be options for vegetarians, vegans, omnivores, and carnivores alike. Full-scale, sit-down eateries can be found in The Terrace, and food trucks and vendors will be scattered throughout the festival grounds.

    Alcohol will also be readily available once within the festival grounds at a number of beer gardens. Keep in mind beverages must be consumed within the beer gardens and designated bar areas. But don't fret! Last year, the beer gardens had prime main stage views and featured food trucks for your eating, listening, and drinking pleasure. VIP ticket-holders can take advantage of the Rose Garden VIP options, including the Rose Garden, the Lawn Lounge Area, The Lounge Bar, The Bubbly Bar, and the Pavilion.

  • What do I need to know about money?

    Credit cards aren't accepted within the festival grounds (except at the VIP bars) and, while ATMs are available both in the campsite and around the festival, the lines are often lengthy and service fees can be quite expensive. Plan on bringing a fair amount of cash for any food, drinks, or merch you may want to purchase.

  • What will the weather be like?

    The average April temperature ranges from 61°F-88°F (16°C-31°C) in Indio, but the days can often get into the mid 90s under the hot desert sun. The chance of rain is minimal during this time of year, although you may want to bring a rain jacket or poncho just in case.
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  • What should I wear?

    Coachella is at the pinnacle of festival fashion, frequented by celebrities and fashionistas in addition to the everyday festivalgoer. Although attendees may be more inclined to dress to the nines than they would be at, say, Bonnaroo, we still recommend dressing in comfortable, cool clothing - remember that this is the California desert, and temperatures can get quite high and dry. Feel free to dress in your best festival fashion, but know that this is not a must - there will be plenty of people in attendance that are on the opposite end of the fashion spectrum that are just there for some awesome music and good times. However you decide to dress, remember a light sweater - temperatures will drop significantly at night.

  • What should I bring?

    Sunscreen, sunglasses, and a hat to protect you from the desert sun; a non-professional digital camera to document your fun; a cell phone and charger (charging stations are available) to keep in touch with your group in case you get separated; cash to avoid ATM lines and service fees; and a non-metal, non-glass refillable water bottle to stay hydrated are all great things to bring into the festival grounds.

    If you don't want to be coughing and sneezing dust for the week post-Coachella, consider bringing a bandana to wrap around your mouth. Some festivalgoers had it on day and night; others kept it close in case of a dust storm (like Coachella 2013 weekend 1). Whichever matches your stile, we recommend bringing one.

    If you are camping at Coachella, consider packing these 7 Essential Items for Low-Maintenance Grooming while camping - and don't forget a tent!

  • Does the festival have a mobile app?

    No word on this yet for 2015, so check back when we're closer to the festival. 

  • What are the ticket options?

    Tickets for both Coachella weekends will be released Wednesday, January 7 at noon PST on the Coachella website. As in previous years, tickets are expected to move quickly, so do yourself a favor and register for a Coachella account to expedite the purchase process. The ticket options will be as follows for both weekends: 

    General Admission Weekend Pass: $375 (Sold Out)
    General Admission Weekend Pass + Shuttle: $435
    VIP Admission: $899
    VIP Parking: $150
    Car Camping: $85
    Tent Camping: $85 (Sold Out)
    Companion Parking: $30
    Lake Eldorado Camping (2 person GA): $2350
    Lake Eldorado Camping (2 person VIP): $3400
    Lake Eldorado Camping (4 person GA): $3100
    Lake Eldorado Camping (4 person VIP): $5200
    Any Line Any Time Shuttle Pass: $60
    LAX Airport Shuttle Pass: $80