Flow 2015


The Finnish are known for using fresh and natural ingredients which vary according to what is in season. Featuring influences from both the East and West, Finland's culinary specialties range from root vegetables and salmon to mulled wine and fruits.

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  • Toscanini Restaurant

    Located inside the historic Klaus K hotel, Toscanini Restaurant takes its inspiration straight from Tuscany. The eatery's modern country-style kitchen is based on essential elements of Italian fare, including olive oil, herbs, tomatoes, Tuscan cheeses, and cold cuts. Stop in for a quick a la carte lunch, or enjoy a full range of entrees, wines, and desserts.

  • Klaus K

    This delectable brunch spot's menu is built around ecologically and locally-produced ingredients as well as serving up international flavors. Priced at 35 € ($45), brunch includes a full buffet of starters and desserts.

  • Pacifico

    • Helsinginkatu 15
    • 00500 Helsinki, Finland
    • +358 09 354 01766

    Located in the crux of the Kallio neighborhood, this classic spot is known for their Mexican pipeline surf brunch, stellar prices, and enormous sofas. Try to book a table in advance, particularly during rush hours.

  • Qulma

    If you are meandering around Market Square or Senate Square and are in the mood for a meal, pop into Qulma for a healthy confit. Each and every aspect of the restaurant, including the ceramic art, music, and soups, is curated by the restaurant keeper Marc Aulén. And before you go, don't forget to try their original sweet mint pesto.

  • Siltanen

    Situated near the Suvilahti area in Hämeentie, this hip spot is good for a large breakfast or brunch. The detached mansion is decorated in vintage brick red decor and Siltanen is open until 2am, making it the perfect spot to start off the night or have a midnight snack.

  • Good Life Coffee

    Created by the Barista of the Year for 2011, this spot is more than just a coffee shop, paying homage to the coffee culture in the form of a holistic nordic experience. From the wall, which is adorned in old coffee bags that were chosen by owner Lauri Pipinen, to the handmade wooden cafe counter, Good Life's elements speak to the exceptional experience you will have here. If you're not a regular coffee-drinker, let the barista know, and they'll create a personalized beverage just for you.

  • Mattolaituri

    If you stroll through Kaivopuisto, head over to Mattolaituri, a waterside retreat. Although pricey, Mattolaituri is worth a visit - head to the upper terrace for the best view.