Sasquatch! 2015


Sasquatch! is primarily a camping festival, and roughing it is a part of the experience. However, the Gorge Campground can get rowdy at times and doesn't suit everyone's style.

There are a few other options, camping and non-camping, when it comes to staying near by. White Horse Campground is the only off-site accommodation that offers a free shuttle. Most hotels/motels are located 20+ minutes away, so be prepared to drive to and from the festival; there is no public transportation in these parts.

  • Wild Horse Campground

    If you have ever been to a camping festival before, you'll know how rowdy things can get at the venue campground. Wild Horse is a great alternative to the Gorge campground; it is right down the road and provides a free shuttle to the venue. It is much smaller, but provides RV hookups if you need them, so make reservations well in advance. Wild Horse also has a cafe serving breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks after the show. However, the best aspect of this campground has to be the showers with short lines. Nothing beats a good rinse off after spending a day in the dust.

  • Shady River RV Park & Campground

    • 1099 Washington 283
    • Quincy, WA 98848
    • (509) 785-3101

    About a 30 minute drive from The Gorge Amphitheater, Shady River is another low-key alternative camping site. Offering RV hookups, showers and a laundry room, this site is great for anyone wanting to get some sleep before the next days shows.

  • Crescent Bay Resort

    About 45 minutes north of the Gorge you'll find The Crescent Bay Resort. These suites sleep 4 to 8 people and come with all the amenities of home. Each unit is equipped with a kitchen, wash and dryer, full bathroom and a patio with stainless steel BBQ. The resort also features a pool to cool off after a long day in the sun. Due to the resorts close proximity to Crescent Bar, a popular Memorial Day Weekend destination, make sure to book your room far in advance.

  • The Crescent Hotel

    The Crescent Hotel is a 30 minute drive from the Gorge Amphitheater. Perfect for non-campers, this hotel offers an array of modern amenities often missed while staying in a tent. Each room has free WiFi, microwave, refrigerator, and most importantly, a full bathroom. The complimentary breakfast (cooked in a real kitchen) isn't so bad either.

  • Quincy Inn & Suites

    Quincy Inn & Suites, a 25 minute drive from the Gorge, is a great affordable alternative to camping. It features a free continental breakfast, free WiFi, as well as a hot tub and laundry services. They also have a few rooms with kitchens, which tend to go fast, so book in advance.

  • Basic Camping

    It’s nothing luxurious, but Basic Camping is certainly doable even if you’re not a seasoned camper. The campsite is in a large field and there are no trees, so it’s essentially a big parking lot, and is about a 20-minute walk to the festival itself. It is very easy to get lost in basic camping, most people bring some sort of flag or marker they can raise to guide them back to their campsite. Showers are available for a small fee, but the water is known to be cold and the wait can be upwards of two hours; it is usually more convenient to skip the shower all together. All in all, this is a lively, friendly, and loud environment, with parties going on until the sun rises. Access to basic camping is included in the ticket price.

  • Premier Camping

    It may be more expensive, but those who have experienced the two levels of camping say that Premier is worth the investment. Know that these accommodations sell out quickly, often the same day that booking begins. This separate camping site offers great views of the Gorge and can accommodate larger vehicles. Premier campers also have access to a free shuttle to and from the festival, as well as much nicer facilities than those available for regular campers. Real bathrooms, as opposed to porta-potties, are available for use, though these tend to get dirty very quickly. Private showers have hot water, and the lines are much more manageable.