Snowbombing 2015

  • How do I get to and from Mayrhofen?

    Depending on where you're coming from, there are several options to get to Mayrhofen and the festival.

    Plane: The closest airport in Austria is Innsbruck (INN),which is 65 kilometers (40 miles) outside of Mayrhofen. While it does handle over 60 airlines per year, the service is predominantly regional and therefore expensive. There are only a few direct flights from major European cities like London and large cities in Germany.
    Your next best bets for flying would be to enter Europe via Munich, Germany (MUC), 190 kilometers (118 miles) away, or Salzburg, Austria (SZG), 170 kilometers (106 miles) away.

    Bus: Snowbombing offers coach transfer service from each of the three nearest airports, which can be purchased on their booking page under Extras. Transfers from Munich and Salzburg are £39 ($65). Transfers from Innsbruck are £32 ($54). 

    The festival also offers long distance coach service from various cities in the UK, which cost between £129 ($216) and £139 ($233), depending on location. Travelers can depart April 4 (if you prefer to arrive a day early, but know that you will have to book an extra night’s stay) or April 5. All coaches will leave Mayrhofen on April 11th for an April 13th arrival.

    Train: While the German and Austrian train systems are some of the best in the world, their scheduling can be a bit complicated, particularly in a remote area like Mayrhofen.

    From Munich, Salzburg, or Innsbruck, you will have to make at least one connection, most likely in Jenbach. To book your rail ticket from the United States, we recommend using Rail Europe. While tickets from those three cities are not available for purchase online, you can book by calling their Contact Center at +1 (800) 622-8600 (U.S.), +1 (800) 361-7245 (Canada), or +001 (800) 726-1936 (Mexico). The hours of operation are 9:00am-7:30pm Eastern Time, Monday through Friday. Be sure to check out their Youth rate for those 25 and under, and consider purchasing a Rail Pass if you're going to be doing some extra traveling around Europe before or after the festival.

  • What area is the festival in? How do I get around?

    Snowbombing is held in Mayerhofen, Austria, a small resort town of about 3800 people located about an hour to the southeast of Innsbruck. The festival takes over most of the mountain and surrounding valley for its duration, with on-piste entertainment at Vans Penken Park and the Penken life station. Atop Ahorn Mountain, their famous White Lounge hosts the Arctic Disco and the Backcountry Party. Back down in the valley, the main performers spread out across 9 venues in the village of Mayerhofen. For more details about where those venues will be, watch Snowbombing's Music page where exact locations will be announced soon.

    As for getting around, Mayrhofen is small enough for nearly everything to be within walking distance. Still, taxis are readily available should you want them after a long day or an even longer night. The Mayrhofen Tourist Board recommends any of the following cab companies:

    Taxi Kröll: +43 5285 62260
    Taxi Linzer Bua: +43 6642 500250
    Reini's Taxi: +43 6504 637575
    Taxi 007: +43 6765 050007

    Alternatively, there is a ski bus that tours the surrounding areas (including Hippach & Ramsau). The bus is free, and runs every 30 minutes during the day up until 5:30pm. After hours, there is a free night shuttle running the same route every 30 minutes, until the early hours of the morning.
    For any additional information, stop by Mayrhofen's information office, located in the Europahaus (Dursterstraße 225).

  • What time does it start and end?

    Snowbombing officially starts Monday, April 6 and ends Saturday, April 11. Event start times vary by venue, with some starting as early as noon and lasting until well after midnight. As the festival releases its schedule, you'll have a better idea of when to be where.

  • Is re-entry allowed?

    Re-entry is almost always allowed with your festival wristband since Snowbombing is held between multiple venues. Check with the specific venue when there if you want to make sure venue capacities won't be reached, leaving you out in the cold.

  • What are the prohibited items?

    Weapons, animals, and illegal substances should not be brought to the festival.

  • What's the deal with food and beverages?

    Mayrhofen is filled with over 40 restaurants and 15 bars, so there are plenty of culinary options in addition to what the festival provides out on the slopes. Contrary to many other European resort towns, Mayrhofen's food and drink prices are fairly reasonable. Restaurants feature something for everyone from organic steaks to pizza and take-out.

  • What do I need to know about money?

    Exchange some dollars to Euros at the airport before your flight departs or at the train station before you board so you have cash on hand when you arrive. While many venues and vendors will accept credit cards, it's always a good idea to keep some Euros on you just in case. Within Mayrhofen, ATMs will be readily available. On a mid-range budget, plan to spend between £30-£50 ($39-$65) per day.

  • What will the weather be like?

    People who have never been to the Alps before might expect it to be cold and very snowy, but Mayrhofen is quite lovely in the spring. The weather is mild, with temperatures ranging from about 57°F (14°C) to 37°F (3°C). Skies are a nice mix of sun and clouds, and any expected precipitation in the village should be minimal.

    A note to skiers and snowboarders: Mayrhofen itself is not very high up in the mountains, but the lift will take you up to 1,800 meters (5,900 feet), where the snow is usually reliable.

    The sticker below displays the current weather for Innsbruck but the weather will be similar at Mayrhofen as the two are only around an hour apart.
    Find more about Weather in Innsbruck, OS
    Click for weather forecast

  • What should I wear?

    Since temperatures will vary during the day, dress in layers so that you can adjust, keeping in mind that this is a festival, so you’ll want to be comfortable enough to dance. A regular pair of closed-toed shoes will do for most of the festival, but bring boots if you plan to spend any time in the snow; certain add-on entertainment, like the popular Arctic Disco, will require warm, substantial footwear. Inside the clubs, lightweight going-out clothes are best, as things do get crowded.

    If you plan on hitting the slopes for some skiing or snowboarding, bring whatever clothing you would normally wear for these activities. Ski pants and jackets, headwear, gloves, etc. You can never have too many waterproofs.

  • What should I bring?

    Don't let cloudy skies fool you - Mayrhofen's high altitude makes it very easy to get a sunburn, so bring sun protection supplies (sunscreen, lip protectant, eyewear, etc.). If you plan on taking advantage of the slopes, bring your skis or snowboard. If you'd rather leave your equipment at home, the resorts can provide rentals. Bring a swimsuit too, as many of the hotels have swimming pools, hot tubs, and saunas. Snowbombing is also known for its fancy dress (translation: costume) parties, so definitely come prepared to participate.

  • What are the ticket options?

    Snowboming is sold as an accommodation and entertainment package, which means your wristband is included in the price of your accommodation. By using the festival's booking service, you'll be guided through all the options catering to a wide range of budgets. No matter the price of your hotel, your wristband for the festival will be included.

    Once your hotel option is selected, you can add on other options to the cost of your wristband-accommodation package, including travel options like coach transfer, airport transfers, the Snowbombing Road Trip and extras such as ski lessons and special parties.

    Tickets to Snowbombing's Arctic Disco venue are sold separately as the unique venue only holds 300 partiers. To see Skrillex, Carl Cox, MK, and/or Idris Elba in the venue during the festival, purchase your tickets for £44 each.

  • Anything else I need to know?

    Your wristband entitles you to the best drink prices as well as discounts to restaurants, shops, and extreme activities like 500cc snow bike riding, paragliding, and tobogganing. When exploring Mayrhofen, make it known you're there for Snowbombing so to make sure you make the most of these deals.