Ultra 2015


Miami is a diverse city with a rich history. Here, the side-by-side existence of both beach and city isn't the only contradictory element. Miami mixes English and Spanish to form "Spanglish," and effortlessly fuses the traditional with modern cosmopolitanism. Thus, a trip to Miami should include more than a relaxing beach vacation or a high energy, music-filled week. If you have the time (and the energy), try to venture out and explore what Miami has to offer.

For the rundown on where to explore in South Beach, head to our Guide to WMC.

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  • Sophie and Nathan Gumenick Chapel

    • 137 Northeast 19th Street
    • Miami, FL 33132
    • +1 (305) 573-5900

    This Gaudi-like chapel could easily be found on the streets of Barcelona. Designed by Kenneth Treister in 1969, this architectural nod to España is a must see for building lovers. In a city rich with architectural history, this chapel stands in a realm of its own, and makes for some great photo ops.

  • The Margulies Collection at the WAREhOUSE

    The Margulies Collection at the WAREhOUSE is an expansive collection of modern art. Focusing on photography, video, sculpture and interactive pieces, this collection is a must-see for contemporary art lovers. Open from 11am to 4pm, Wednesday through Saturday, the collection costs $10 for adults, a portion of which goes to The Lotus House, a homeless center for women and children.